It blurs the lines between planned arrangement and spur-of-the-moment inspiration, and it’s why The Sweetness of Things Half-Remembered can spark with lively engagement while simultaneously crafting a structural beauty that results in one jaw-dropping moment after the next” - Dave Sumner

Rafael Karlen is an award-winning composer, saxophonist, and arranger. He has continued to build a reputation as one of the more creative, exciting and surprising musicians on the Australian music scene. Rafael’s music has been performed by small jazz groups, rock and pop ensembles, big bands through to chamber orchestras and string quartets. 
He has performed throughout Australia and New Zealand, and in Canada, Cambodia, England, Scotland and Sweden. 

Rafael's latest Album Haven with Kristin Berardi/Sean Foran and special guest Pascal Schumacher from Luxembourg, was release in late 2020 and can be listened to here

Upcoming projects in 2021 include launching his new Quintet Album and composing, recording and performing a new 60 minute work for strings, choir and saxophone.

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