Performance with the Con Artists Alumni Band at the Old Museum Building, March 31

A Con Artists Alumni Big Band made an extremely rare appearance for one night on March 31. 
The players were assembled for a performance at the Sold Out Conservatorium 60th Anniversary Gala. 
It was a blast performing with so many awesome musicians.

Katie Noonan,
Kristin Berardi 

Sean Rankin 
Carl Harvoe 
Shannon Marshall 
Dan Quigley 

Shane Hannan 
Ange Gadd 
Daniel Reik 
Jake Mirabito 

Zac Hurren 
Angela Davis 
Rafael Karlen 
Matt Luff 
Joseph Roberts 

Rhythm Section: 
Joseph Marchisella 
Steve Newcomb 
OJ Newcomb 
Dave McGuire

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