Nomination for the 2017 Freedman Fellowship Award

I feel very honoured to be nominated for a 2017 Freedman Fellowship Award

The list of finalists from across Australia is heavy so I'm very excited to be on the list.

The full list is- 

Sam Anning - bass 
Georgie Darvidis - vocals 
Angela Davis - sax 
Nick Garbett - trumpet 
Marty Holoubek - bass 
Dave Jackson - sax 
Rafael Karlen - sax 
Damien Kingston - guitar 
Ellen Kirkwood - trumpet 
Aidan Löwe - drums 
Ross McHenry - bass 
Ed Rodrigues - drums 
Daniel Ross - piano 
Emma Grace Stephenson - piano 
Harry Sutherland - piano 
Allira Wilson - vocals 

ABC Jazz will be recording the 3 finalists for broadcast this October at the Sydney Opera House.

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