Listed in the Top 25 Jazz Albums of 2014 by Wondering Sound

I am really excited to have my album on the list for the Top 25 Jazz Albums for 2014 by Wondering Sound. Woohoo!!

"25. Rafael Karlen, The Sweetness of Things Half-Remembered

In recent years there has been a proliferation of chamber jazz recordings, as classically trained/jazz-enthralled musicians bring together two of their loves in the same expression. Rafael Karlen's recent example of this is a gorgeous display. It's one beautiful vignette after another, as waves of harmonies from a string quartet are swept along by the gusts of melodic interplay between saxophonist Karlen and pianist Steve Newcomb. There is an elegance and warmth to this music that abides when the music drifts languorously or grows animated with sudden bursts of motion. The balance between composition and improvisation gives the ear a bit of structure to rely upon while keeping on its toes. Most of all, this music is about as beautiful as it gets. — Dave Sumner'

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