New Single release 'The River Above'

I'm very excited to announce that ABC Classic have released ‘The River Above’, a single from the upcoming album release of Sinking Cities, performed by Camerata-Queensland's Chamber Orchestra, The Australian Voices and I with lyrics by Pearly Black…

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Brisbane Music Festival Commission Premiere December 6

I'm very excited to have been commissioned to write a 10-minute piece for the Brisbane Music Festival.

My new work Reconstructed Definitions for clarinet, cello and piano will be performed by the wonderful Dario Scalabrini, Katherine Philp, and Alex Raineri…

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Album Review of Equally True in Jazz Journal (UK)

I'm very happy to have received another lovely Album review, this time in the UK Jazz Journal

I particularly like the quote below. Woohoo.

'If illustration were needed of how music so often speaks more eloquently than words,

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